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Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Throw Shots At Each Other Amid Renewed Beef


Cardi B has had a busy few weeks in the public eye the height of the drama came when fans discovered that she and husband offset unfollowed each other on Instagram when she took to Instagram live to explain things fans were shocked to hear her describe herself as single

But after she took the chance to explain herself an old foe used it as an opportunity to take some subtle shots at her on Twitter Nicki Minaj didn’t directly call out cardi but most fans of both artists got the point Nikki shared a mean to Twitter that seemed pretty

Clearly aimed at Nicki Minaj and joked about her ongoing drama unsurprisingly cardi didn’t take that lying down and clapped back with a response shortly after in a hilarious tweet she took aim at Nikki’s man saying take your man to the park and leave me the F asterisk CK alone her post

Reads that sent fans of both artists into a frenzy as they flirt with elevating to a full-blown beef party B escalating Nicki Minaj beef Cy followed it up with a second tweet that read I’m really 100 today is not the day in the comments of an Instagram post recapping

The beef fans are already taking sides listen a cheating husband can be outgrown you’ll never outgrow a Man convicted of rape and your address being on the registry make the music and move along boo one comment says in card’s favor a pedo is no comparison to cheating sit this one out sis another

Degrees a new report in the wake of the relationship drama between cardi and offset claimed that problems went back months it said they had been on and off for a long time making public appearances together while being quietly separate what do you think of the newest developments in an alleged beef between

Nicki Minaj and cardi B let us know in the comment section below

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