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Stunna Girl Faces Backlash Over Song Sampling, Clashes with Ciara and Sparks Music Industry Debate


In the ever Dynamic world of Music a new chapter of drama has unfolded as rising star Stunna girl finds herself at odds with Sierra and her fan base the controversy stems from stuned girl’s recent sampling of Sierra’s hit track goodies in her song Stand Up the song

Features YG and was released last week it appears that Sierra’s team took notice and made a move prompting stun a girl to remove the track from YouTube the Brewing conflict spilled over onto social media with stun a girl aing her Grievances and taking a stand against what she

Perceives as a double standard in a candid social media post stun a girl expressed her frustration with the situation particularly with the involvement of Sierra’s team the artist didn’t mint words stating I literally hate when producers use samples these artists be acting like they made the beat it’s so many people

That used that beat but at Sierra team writing me saying she personally contacted them about me moreover she went on to highlight what she sees as an inconsistency in the treatment of sampled beats based on the artist’s racial background but anytime I done used a beat that was sampled by a white

Artist they didn’t give AF she said stun a girl is upset at Sierra’s team however she claimed that when she used a beat previously sampled by a white artist there was no concern or interference one fan pointed out that Stunna is uninformed they commented it’s giving you don’t know anything about copyrights

Or the music industry if you are surprised there are artists paying other artists for just using the same line in a song Stunna then responded with not my problem I paid the producer he the one who they should be emailing the removal of standup from YouTube suggests the impact of Sierra’s

Intervention in addition to the seriousness with which stun a girl sampling was regarded the clash between these two artists adds a new layer of complexity to the ongoing conversation about creative rights and ownership in the music industry she continued to defend her stance on the situation claiming that she didn’t make the beat

So it’s not her problem

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