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Troy Ave Reveals Jay Z Recorded Response to Kendrick Lamar’s Control But Never Released It


Earlier this month Uncle Murda Unleashed his annual wrap up taking shots at Several of his peers he threw shade at Diddy Ghana blueface Will Smith and many more he also dissed Troy Avenue accusing the rapper of snitching on T Stone amid their legal battle Troy Avenue really

Went to court and got on the stand he Rhymes an asterisk asterisk asterisk is snitched on tax Stone cuz he bodied his man he jokingly responded to the ACT accusation on Instagram wondering damn do I got to wrap this n asterisk asterisk asterisk up according to DJ

Self however he didn’t stop there he revealed later that Troy Avenue recorded an entire response track to Uncle Murda But ultimately decided not to release it out of love and respect it seems as though he was taking notes from one of the biggest names in Hip Hop as well

Jay-Z Troy Avenue on not releasing his response to uncle murder during a recent appearance on the facto show Troy Avenue explained that HOV recorded a response to Kendrick Lamar’s control and decided not to release it either now here’s another thing a little fact that everybody might not know this is a fact

Though he began JayZ went in there with young Guru and he recorded a response but guess what Jay-Z did he never released it he don’t have to sometimes an asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk say what would HOV do my reply everybody went see our asterisk zy over he continued everybody else said slick

Lines Fab olis Joel Ortiz and these WRA pin a asterisk asterisk and asterisk asterisk asterisk as but my two bars went see our asterisk z y Snoop Dog is reposting this sh asterisk T every day they asking Kendrick in interviews about what you think about Troy Avenue not

What do you think about the other end asterisk asterisk asterisk G I’m independent little old me cuz I hit harder my sh asterisk te different what do you think of Troy Avenue claiming that Jay-Z recorded a response to Kendrick Lamar’s control that was never released what about him keeping his

Response to Uncle mura wrapup 2023 under WPS share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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