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Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Celebrate Their Son’s Birthday


Swiss beats and Alicia Keys recently took to Instagram to celebrate a significant Milestone the ninth birthday of their youngest son Genesis Oli in a heartfelt display of love and affection both parents shared sweet tributes to Mark genesis’s last single digit birthday on Wednesday December 27th he turned nine this year Alicia

Keys the Grammy favorite known for hits like diary crafted a touching post featuring a carousel of photos showcasing Genesis in her caption she expressed my beautiful boy happy born day my amazing son you are singularly spectacular there is N1 like you that’s my favorite thing about you keep being you never doubt

Your greatness you are Unforgettable keep glowing you are adored on so many levels happy birthday confetti ball wrapped gift birthday cake party popper balloon moreover Swiss beats the renowned hip-hop producer also took to Instagram to share his own collection of photos including an adorable snap of him

Holding baby Genesis about 9 years ago he reflected on his son’s character stating deep down my guy is a loving soul also he warned about genesis’s unfiltered honesty adding the most honest person I ever met so don’t ask him a question if you’re not ready for the uncut answer furthermore he included

The post with a loving message we love you my prince whiteheart dot Swiss beats and Alicia Keys share heartfelt posts moreover he proceeded to acknowledge his role as a father to not only Genesis but also to 13-year-old Egypt Dow and children from previous relationships 15-year-old Nicole 16-year-old cassim Jr and 22-year-old

Prince nasier the couple who exchanged vows in 2010 welcomed Genesis in 2014 adding another joyful chapter to their family Journey however the intimate Instagram posts not only celebrate genesis’s birthday but also offer a glimpse into the genuine affection and pride that Swiss beats and Alicia Keys have for

Their youngest son moreover as Genesis enters double digits the heartfelt tributes from his parents serve as a testament to the love uniqueness and Unforgettable Spirit he brings to their family however the Instagram posts become a shared celebration with fans allowing them to witness the joy and warmth that Mark this special occasion

In their

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