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Megan Thee Stallion Becomes Mother Fitness For New Planet Fitness Ad


Earlier today a collaboration between Megan the stallion and Planet Fitness was announced the brand is tapping the hard-hitting rer as a spokeswoman for their national chain of gems for the team up Megan is transforming into a new mascot of sorts called mother Fitness in a new advertisement shared from the

Company she vows to save Fitness by eliminating some of the most toxic elements of average gyms in the accompanying press release Megan explains her reason for the team up working out is such an important part of my routine so this partnership with Planet Fitness genuinely embodies my personal values we want to encourage

Everyone to prioritize their physical and mental health heading into the new year so they can reach New Heights in 2024 and continue to grow into the best version of themselves her press release reads check out the new advertisement featuring her mother Fitness Megan the stallion teams up with Planet Fitness

Earlier this month Megan the stallion dropped her newest soundtrack single this time it was the song p asterisk ssy Don’t Lie from the Netflix animated comedy show big mouth it’s the third soundtrack cut she’s dropped in the past few months it’s started with a song from the a24 musical dicks the musical which

She also had an acting role in she then teamed up with breakthrough pop singer Renee rap to collaborate on a cut from the upcoming remake of Mean Girls those all followed her newest single Cobra which made a splash when it dropped earlier this year the song saw Megan getting personal and sharing some

Details on what she’s been going through recently the biggest Revelation was her allegations of cheating against her ex-boyfriend partisan Fontaine the breakup has been the source of multiple dist tracks from party in the wake of her accusations what do you think of Megan the stallion teaming up with Planet

Fitness for her new character mother Fitness let us know in the comments section below

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  1. @thrustkicktkd841 says

    Yet another misandrist commercial vilifying men. Actually, men have been avoiding women in gyms en masse to avoid false and exaggerated accusations.

  2. @technofilejr3401 says

    I’m a PF member I definitely think this not a good move I just saw it and it turned me off.

  3. @shermangriffin4668 says

    WHAT TRASH! It has a table of a male horse!! No wonder Society is is deteriorating

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