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T I Proudly Shares Stage with Daughter Heiress, Who Steals the Show with Live Your Life Performance


It’s no secret that tii is incredibly proud of his family and never misses an opportunity to share the spotlight with his kids his recent event in Atlanta was no exception as he invited his daughter Aris to share the stage with him in celebration of the 20th anniversary of

Trap music in a sweet new clip the seven-year-old is seen confidently strutting across the stage performing Rihanna’s portion of her father’s 2008 hit live your life Aris Harris everybody TI and announced before adorably ushering her offstage clearly the crowd was feeling her performance as she was met with tremendous

Applause social media users are loving it too based on the neighborhood talks comment section commenters are coming through with plenty of support for the up and cominging icon she is literally a born star one fan writes I wish great things for this baby another user also adds Aris Harris joins TI on stage

This is far from the only time TI highlighted his daughter’s impressive list of accomplishments however earlier this month he took to social media to celebrate her radio debut sharing a clip of the exciting moment on Instagram her song what does Christmas mean to you is

Heard playing in the car as the MC and his son listen excitedly hey that was your little sister on the radio he shouted later asking how you feel Big Brother proud he responded with a smile despite the hitmaker showing public appreciation for his children his family life has been

Under Fire in recent months following an altercation with his son King in November the 19-year-old and his father got into it at a Hawks game sparking speculation surrounding their relationship as a result regardless he assured fans that deara family tied like a knot what do you think of tii bringing

Out his daughter Aris to help perform his song share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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