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Tony Yayo's Drink Champs Episode Tops Viewership Charts for 2023, Earns Praise from Former Foe Fat J


Congrats to Tony yo whose drink Champs podcast episode this year with no DJ efn and Company was the show’s most watched iteration of 2023 as a guest he had plenty to look back on including gun’s past feuds with the likes of Terror Squad and plenty of other hip-hop

Opponents these became the stuff of Legend in 2000s New York and Beyond and things have definitely changed a lot since then beef is more one-on-one than ever these days and it’s rare for groups to Rally against each other in such a high-profile way funnily enough yo and

50 cents former rival Fat Joe gave the former his props for his success as a special guest on drink Champs numbers don’t lie Tony yo wrote on Instagram on Thursday December 28th while celebrating his episode’s viewership at darl NZ said we did 60 million on this interview new year new

Podcast coming soon shout to at who crazy at Stant and the whole drink champ staff you deserve that our era is still the most engaging we really had Wars Fat Joe commented on this post who was easily one of the most surprising figures to show him some love Tony Yo’s

Appreciative post for drink champ success previously Tony yo actually called gunit beef with Fat Joe and the rest of Terror Squad as the realest one that they ever faced as a collective yo the realest beef was with Terror Squad he expressed earlier this year he was a real and asterisk asterisk

Asterisk gay I got to give it up the realest beef was with Fat Joe and them we outside for those unaware this Feud began when TS started collaborating with J Ru who was already in the middle of a very nasty battle with 50 Cent meanwhile it’s actually really heartening to see

How all these figures for the most part for gave and respected each other over the years in fact 50 Cent and Joey crack recently sat Courtside together at the NBA Christmas game pitting the New York Knicks against the Milwaukee Bucks hopefully more rappers and Crews keep this reconciliatory Spirit up in 2024

After all it makes the genre that much stronger against Its Real Enemy

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