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Tamar Braxton Unaware of Toni Braxton’s Rumored Secret Marriage to Birdman


If the rumor that Tony Braxton secretly married Birdman is true her sister Tamar certainly doesn’t know I’ve been blowing up her phone Tamar explained during an impromptu live stream on Instagram however Tamar had nothing but love for her sister offering congratulations to the couple who have been together a million billion years

Tamar responded to the rumors while driving with new fiance Jr Robinson according to Tamar they were taking the kids to Disney at the time of the stream however people were quick to clown Tamar for being left in the dark Tamar she didn’t tell you because you

Have a big mouth mind you you are on live doing a whole live about this lady business one person noted coming to the internet to address fam business is very telling why someone would exclude you face with raised eyebrow added another what Tony said if they weren’t my

Sisters they wouldn’t be my friends a third agreed Tamar Braxton still beefing with Tommy Lee Tamar Braxton has been very prominent in recent months especially for her online feuds Braxton and Lee beef has persisted even after Braxton reconciled with her man during a recent performance Braxton took some

Shots at Lee I know y’all lying if y’all thought I was gone let my man go because he took some crackhead to a basketball game Braxton said referencing the viral photos of Lee posting up with Braxton’s X however Lee was quick to respond to the jab Miss Braxton cut it out I hurt

Your feelings my love I’m too grown and I don’t get high off internet drama it doesn’t make a red sense so I’ll leave at this Lee wrote over a bikini thirst trap video furthermore she also dropped several screenshots showing her DMS with Braxton’s X and just how much he was

Fawning over her during their brief time together it remains unclear if the feud is going to continue as 2023 becomes 2024

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