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Azealia Banks Sparks Controversy with Disturbing Comment About Ms Jacky Oh!'s Death


Aelia Banks appeared to invoke the death of Miss Jackie O while responding to haters in her Instagram comments and the btch laughing at me also died on wildnout on my birthday in my city who’s next Banks responded to a hater trolling her four crying on wild now for many

People this could only be a reference to the death of Miss Jackie O earlier this year Jackie was a wildnout staple but passed away due to complications from BBL surgery furthermore fans were not here for bank’s comments I feel like she couldn’t touch DC himself with the

Tricks so she got Jackie being on a show that’s all about joking but you can’t take a joke one person noted that comment was wild however do not come for a Gemini our mouth is something else when will people realize that but yeah that was very low and that’s someone’s

Mother another added partially defending Banks it’s no way I just read what I read heartless SMH lamented someone else ailia Banks calls Kanye a fat smelly loser however this is just the latest moment in Banks Resurgence in online beef she recently expressed her support of Nicki Minaj after Minaj faced the

Public ire of Kanye West for not clearing her verse on new body okay now I really pissed the fck off regardless of how I feel about pf2 did Fat smelly loser Kanye West really just try step all over Nikki’s release did I hear correctly when he tried to take

Credit for supporting her career Banks wrote on X formerly Twitter additionally she wasn’t the only person going after Kanye after another explosive Kanye rant about Jews actor Michael Rapaport came after the rapper you fat pile of sht you fat washed up pile of sht what are you

CIA FBI you a fed you fat FC you fat bloated fck Jewish people are going through enough we don’t need your fat fking Dusty a saying anything if your mother was still alive she’d be embarrassed you’re an embarrassment to D you got a new record coming out brick no

One’s fking with your music you look like sht and I bet you smell like sht too the actor

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