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Tasha K Thinks Nicki Minaj’s Album Rollout Could’ve Been Better In This Way


Tasha K is as big of a Nicki Minaj fan as anyone but even she has her reservations about the roll out of her new album Pink Friday too moreover she tipped to Twitter to voice some of her concerns and critiques particularly with the Press run behind this

Project of course the Blogger made it clear that she loves the rapper’s work and what she stands for in fact it’s a big part of the reason as to why she would hold her up to a higher standard when it comes to what she represents highlight and platforms Tasha thinks

That Nikki could have done a better job of uplifting female voices in the media space but chose not to for whatever reason I love TF Out and Nicki Minaj and I got to say something Tasha K’s tweet began her press run is dope but it would

Have been even more classic if she would have included a female media voice for the culture I didn’t see her sit down with not one woman in a male dominated media industry I’m not talking about me Tasha K speaks on Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 roll out I’m talking about the same

Thing she faces is in a male dominated rap industry Tasha K continued Angela y Sher Shepard Jennifer Hudson and at least one New Media voice please Donnie forget the Barbies and media that have to fight for the same rights as you I’m in Africa on my vacation don’t forget about the female

Voices that disseminate too if I’m wrong on this and I missed some I will apologize for my error overall she’s making quite an interesting point that others also Levy at the Trinidadian MC when it comes to her rap collabs meanwhile we know that Tasha has some heavy beef with other male media

Figures so this call out against that hierarchy is unsurprising still what do you think about her comments on Nikki’s treatment or alleged Erasure of female voices in music coverage does she have a strong point or is this all just looking too deeply into it because she’s such a huge

Star whatever the case drop your thoughts down in the comments section

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