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Teyana Taylor Finally Reveals Why Chris Brown Started Hating Her


Sources claim that Chris Brown absolutely hates Tiana’s guts and wants nothing to do with her Tiana herself is spilling all the messy tea on what really happened Chris and Tiana go way back because they have been friends for more than 15 years at this point she was one of the very

Few celebs who stuck by his side after his 2009 DB incident with Rihanna this showed how much Tiana truly cared for Chris Tiana and Rihanna fell out after Tiana declared her support for Chris and they even got into a very messy fight on Twitter Tiana changed her Twitter header to a

Picture of her fighting Rihanna but then Rihanna’s picture was from when Chris had beaten her up this was a very messed up thing to do and it explains why people feel like Tiana was in support of Chris putting his hands on Riri I mean it’s one thing to blindly support your

Friend no matter what but then it’s another thing to mock the victim openly Usher threw a surprise birthday party for Chris like Tiana when Chris saw Tiana and got upset he went up to her and got in her face Usher then decided to intervene because the birthday boys shouldn’t be getting into fight

Chris ended up leaving the party to go outside and Usher followed him so they could sort out the drama when he got outside Chris and his Entourage jumped him and left him with a broken nose Chris has also been exposed for putting his hands on other women his ex-karuji Tran had to

File a restraining order against him because he wouldn’t leave her alone he has also gotten aggressive with his own mom as well while he never laid hands on her he expressed his aggressiveness in other ways for example when he went to rehab for Anger Management after his

Case with Rihanna his mom visited him and they got into an argument according to reports Chris’s mom showed up for a family session and was urging her son to stay in the facility for extended treatment apparently Chris violently disagreed with her and in a fit of anger

Shattered the car window fans are saying that it’s probably the main reason why Beyonce can’t stand Riri Beyonce built her brand for the public to see her as the queen one fan said meanwhile Rihanna doesn’t even have to try as hard as her since the public just really love supporting her there

Business ventures are a testament to that another fan added Beyonce just doesn’t have a good spirit I’m not shocked the spirit of jealousy is in her pray for her but let’s hear your thoughts on this do you think this beef is really one-sided is Beyonce Jealous of Rihanna comment down below found

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