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Young Thug Attorneys Open Motion To Dismiss Appeal After YSL RICO Trial Pause


When Young Thug’s YSL Rico trial began to make some Headway the Atlanta native likely felt some serious relief of course he’s well aware that the legal process is slow moving still having recent delays put a halt on things isn’t easy for the multi-talent mental health thankfully he has a

Stellar legal team working to make sure that freedom remains possible for their client earlier in December attorney Brian steel promised that an appeal would be filed on Thug’s behalf for a motion to dismiss his case today December 18th it looks like he made good on his word steel is trying to expedite

The appeal so it will be heard at the same time as the trial at thuer Daily on Twitter reported on the 1st of the month if the judge’s decision is overturned the case would end they further explained now that the case appeal is open the so much fun hitmaker and his

Attorneys are waiting to find out if the appropriate court is willing to hear their story Brian Steel’s fight for Young Thugs Freedom continues YSL Rico proceedings are now on hold until the new year after a codefendant was stabbed in jail remember yesterday we recessed because one of our

Participants had a medical issue and I was telling you about that well unfortunately that medical condition still exists given the length of time that we will probably address that it might be just more prudent to recess you an early recess instead of recessing you this Friday I’m going to recess you for the

Holidays today judge Glenville told the jury elsewhere in the world of crime and Hip Hop y andw melee prosecutors are currently attempting to use his song lyrics against him in their long-spanning double murder case after a mistrial was declared this past summer the Florida native is due to return to

Court in Broward County come February 2024 read more about that at the link below

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