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21 Savage Describes Some Of His Lyrics As Fictional As Hell


Amid debates over whether or not rap lyrics should be admissible as evidence in court many fans and rappers have argued that the lyrics are often inaccurate depictions of events in a new interview with rolling stone 21 Savage expanded on that distinction revealing that some of his cold-blooded RS may not

Be as autobiographical as fans think he explained how his stance against violence is still compatible with the subject matter of his songs in the interview Savage describes some of his music as fictional as hell he elaborates saying some of it be based off of real life but a lot of it be creative

Stories the argument that rap lyrics are often based on real events but can’t be used as accurate retellings of those events is a common one it’s been used both in court by various rappers in their legal defenses and by fans speaking out against the practice online 21 Savage’s lyric

Revelation recently 21 Savage was honored by his adopted hometown of Atlanta Fulton County which contains the majority of the city officially recognized an appreciation day for the rapper last week it followed similar days for artists like Gucci Main and Asher in their hometowns last month despite being born overseas Savage has

Been repping Atlanta for decades to many he’s viewed as synonymous with the city and frequently collaborates with other rappers from the city Savage recently just completed his first ever tour of Europe after fighting for years to get his American citizenship he celebrated by taking his intense live shows across

Europe videos made the rounds online of pretty much every show looking impossibly hyped additionally he closed off the tour with a massive homecoming show in London where he brought out Central sea J hus and popcon what do you think of 21 Savage revealing that many of his lyrics are

Fictional in a recent interview let us know in the comment section below

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