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Young Thug’s lawyer has reportedly sought to dismiss the Ricoh charges leveled against his client and all YSL co-defendants due to the statute of limitations but it’s unclear if the judge will agree to it according to court documents obtained by double XL thugger’s attorney Brian Steele filed the motion last Friday June

23 and requested all of ysl’s co-defendants of the Ricoh charges against them dismissed arguing the accusations are beyond the statute of limitations for a state RICO charge and need to be expunged from the indictment in order to satisfy the crime of Rico conspiracy the prosecution must prove

Beyond a reasonable doubt that at least one one overt Act was committed in furtherance of the conspiracy within the statute of limitations the motion reads to satisfy the statute of limitations the overt act must have occurred within five five years of the filing of the Bill of indictment with the clerk of court

It continues approximately overt act numbers 62 through 191 are alleged to have occurred on a date within five five years of May 9 2022 the date of the original bill of indictment as well as the re-indictment the re-indictment was filed with the Fulton County clerk of court on August 5 2022

Both the original indictment as well as the re-indictment have overt acts numbers one through approximately 61 with a date more than five five years before the return of the indictment since overt acts numbers one through about 61 are outside of the five five year statute of limitations these overt

Acts cannot support a conviction of Mr Williams or any of the accused since said avert acts are outside of the five five year statute of limitations the motion concludes the inclusion of any overt act dated before approximately May 2017 is other crime evidence barred by the applicable statute of limitations

And is prejudicial to Mr Williams and has no probative value hence save must be stricken from this indictment pursuant to this special DiMera statute of limitations plea and bar the update comes as young thug who faces eight charges in the YSL RICO case is having a hard time as the jury selection process

Continues to drag on as previously reported the Atlanta rapper recently had a medical emergency while he was in court in May and the proceedings were halted as he was rushed to a nearby hospital I know he’s had some difficulty of a similar sort at the Cobb County

Jail a few months ago and so I’m obviously concerned about his well-being his attorney Keith Adams told judge Ural Glanville at the time Mr Williams is sleep deprived mandated to wake up on court days between 3am and 4am and not having more than five hours

Of sleep a night by the end of the week Mr Williams is fighting to pay attention to the goings on in his case in better news Thug dropped a surprise new album business is business last week which boasts features from Drake future 21 Savage Travis Scott Lil uzivert and more

A reworked Metro booming curated version of the project arrived on Monday June 26 complete with two new bonus tracks including a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and Juice world called money

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