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50 Cent Shares Video Of Prisoner Making Wild Claims About Diddy And Cassie


50 cents tie rate against Diddy doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon recent serious allegations made against Diddy in a series of lawsuits have reinvigorated 50’s beef with him and he pops up on an almost daily basis to take shots at the rap mogle on Instagram a few weeks ago 50y claimed

That he wanted to work on a documentary covering the extent of the allegations with all of the proceeds going to the alleged victims it looks like 50 Cent is taking that documentary claim seriously and doing some research earlier today he shared a deep dive interview that could potentially be part of the

Project okay this doku is going to be crazy I don’t know what else to say WTF was going on fire weit this has to be fact checked be fair 50 captioned a video he shared in the clip itself a Florida inmate makes some wild claims about reportedly having sexual

Encounters with Diddy and Cassie While most fans don’t seem to believe what he’s saying it’s clear that 50 is digging deep to find anything to use against Diddy 50 Cent newest shots at Diddy in his trolling campaign against Diddy 50 Cent has deployed a variety of tactics he’s borrowed videos of a

Comedian’s jokes about Diddy shared AI generated pictures and even brought Rick Ross into the picture comparing some of his lyrics to Diddy’s actions Ross didn’t appreciate that and it even sparked a kind of mini beef between the two rappers 50 Cent also recently teamed up

With Nikki n for a remix the pair did a version of her song Beep Beep off her new album Pink Friday 2 the collaboration was originally exclusive to the Pink Friday 2 website that meant fans were unable to play the track on streaming services that turned out to be because

It was planned for inclusion on the deluxe edition of Pink Friday 2 which dropped over the weekend with two new songs including 50’s remix what do you think of 50 cents newest bizarre post of an inmate sharing a story about Diddy and Cassie let us know in the comment section below

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