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50 Cent Intensifies Feud with Diddy, Resurfaces Old Mase Interview Comparing Bad Boy Founder to RuPa


50 Cent and Diddy’s Feud has been underway for some time now but it’s heated up drastically in recent months amid the latter’s various lawsuits for alleged sexual assault Fifth’s gone after the Bad Boy Records found her in full force online he frequently makes insinuations about Diddy’s sexuality as

Well as the kinds of things that go down at his parties most recently 50 Cent took to social media to share a clip from an old ma interview in which the Jacksonville native seemingly Compares Diddy to acclaimed drag queen Rupal the interview which was filmed in 2002 CES

May share his thoughts on the idea of Diddy putting out a gospel album we’re not really on speaking terms he says a puff in the clip I still pray for the dude and I pray that all is well with him 50 Cent continues to shade Diddy he

Continued revealing how he felt a puff putting out a gospel album I mean Ken Rupal put out a gospel album he asked the interviewers this is far from the only time fief dubed up an old interview to spite Diddy however earlier this month the artist shared a clip of

Method Man discussing something shocking he allegedly witnessed at one of Diddy’s parties in the clip he alleges that he once caught Kanye with sucking the asterisk CK in the bathroom at a diddy bash Method Man made it clear in his comment section that he want to be

Laughed out of their beef also claiming that the video was edited this video fake five you and didy keep me out of this asterisk T he wrote alongside some laughing emojis the real vid is on YouTube Method Man Bossip de your research y’ Fallon for the remix what do

You think of 50 Cent continuing to throw shade at Diddy what about the old clip of ma seemingly comparing Diddy to areu Paul share your thoughts in the comments section down below so

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