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Rick Ross Stuns Girlfriend Cristina Mackey with Lavish Dubai Surprise


It’s not a secret that Rick Ross likes to go big and it looks like his love life is no exception recently the hit maker surprised his girlfriend Christina Mackey with a pretty extravagant gesture during a vacation in Dubai in a new clip he’s seen standing on a balcony flexing

The breathtaking view behind him the skyline wasn’t the only thing he stunned fans with on the trip however later on Macky filmed as her man performed in front of an impressive mve looking cool a digital billboard lit up behind him flashing across the screen was Mackey’s Instagram profile it of course BS plenty

Of photos of the two of them and their luxurious excursions she shared a clip of the sweet moment on IG poking fun at critics of their relationship and her caption he don’t post you on at every show laughing emoji in real life she wrote Rick Ross shows off Christina

Macky in a major way her her caption wasn’t the only time she took aim at haters however earlier this month she shared a message with those leaving Shady comments on her page claiming that they’re simply doing so out of jealousy in a video shared on the shade room’s Instagram she responds to critics

Dissing her over a photo of her and Rick Ross accusing them of not wanting to see others winning unfortunately the video only resulted in more backlash which she took to the comments section to respond on too you all are very mean-spirited she wrote instead of expressing your

Love for him as the supporters you claim to be and being happy to see to beautiful black people genuinely smile you’re spreading hate what do you think of Rick Ross surprising his girlfriend Christina Mackey with a billboard of her Instagram profile in Dubai do you think it was a sweet gesture share your

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