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Wack100 Weighs In On Blueface And Soulja Boy Beef


Last week blueface got into the most recent in a seemingly endless series of Dramas the most recent is a beef with soldja boy that’s developed quite a bit since it first broke and now has whacked 100 weighing in the Bad Blood began when blue claimed publicly that he thought he

Could beat Soulja Boy in a Vero the competitions are increasingly becoming one of the primary stages for rappers to compete head-to-head and it has led to some artists making bold claims about their potential soja boy didn’t take the alleged disc lying down and claimed that he could easily take

Blue during a hilarious Instagram live stream he claimed that if he faced blue face and a verus blue would just play his 2018 hit song thiana five times in a row but that’s when the beef escalated from just music to something a little more serious when blueface challenged

Soulja Boy to a fight they both seem up to the task and have confirmed that they’re in the process of organizing a brawl that’s when wack 100 felt like he had to chime in wack 100 taking blue face over Soulja Boy in a fight let’s knock off the BS wack begins Soldier I

Know you’ll fight I know you have the heart but you can’t whoop blue face no way no how stop the Antics keep it music that caused blueface himself to respond claiming that Soulja Boy is bringing a different energy with him than other beefs he’s been involved with fans in

The comments seem to agree that Soulja Boy has the better hits but blue face could win a fight he got a point it was about music LMAO blue knew he couldn’t beat him W music so he made it personal one of the top comments reads blue face actually has trained boxing LOL anyone

Who has ever trained knows blue face wins another comment reads what do you think of wack 100’s take on the blue face and soldja boy beef as it’s escalated to a physical fight let us know in the comment section below

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