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600Breezy Exposes the Risks of Ties with Drake, Recounts XXXTentacion Beef Triggered by Unforgivable


During a recent interview with no jumper 600 Breezy revealed some of the pitfalls of hanging around Drake which include getting involved in his beef he recalled the Toronto hitmaker beefing with XXX tentasion ahead of his passing claiming that he truly crossed the line once he disrespected Drake’s mother Sandy Graham

According to him when he brought her into things he knew Tri XX was tripping it was going to happen bro he began I ain’t going to lie rest in peace though to him you feel me but Drake’s my homie though Adam 22 then interjected noting hell up until XXX tentasion nobody had

Really come after Drake in that way I got to meet his mom multiple times 600 Breezy explained that’s a sweet precious lady bro softspoken like when she comes in the room her Aura is amazing so why is you playing with her you don’t know her

600 Breezy on XX xxtn T AO and beef he continued revealing at that point he knew it was time to F asterisk CK him up XXX tentasion isn’t the only fellow rapper 600 Breezy has had beef with however most recently he took shots at King yella threatening to physically

Harm the Chicago MC after 1090 Jake leaked his paperwork the transcripts unveiled various conversations King yella had with law enforcement officials about other artists 600 Breezy perceived the conversations as alleged snitching and clearly didn’t take kindly to it whatsoever when I catch you I’m a beat

TF Out of You he warned in a video shared with social media followers you supposed to spin the police you a goofy and I’ll pull up to Vegas however you want to do it use a goofy what do you think of 600 Breezy account of his beef with XXX

Tentasion are you surprised that the rapper disrespecting Drake’s mom was the Catalyst share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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