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Fivio Foreign Teases New Collaboration with Kanye West Amidst Speculation on Album Release


Fivio forign and Kanye West have quite the collaborative history together so to see it move forward is really no surprise still fans are nonetheless excited because the former tweeted on Friday night December 29th that he just turned his verse into the latter as such there’s plenty of reason to believe that

These two rappers will be coming through with some more heat together in the near future but this is you were talking about entire institutions could dedicate millions of dollars to researching every time this man has promised music that never saw the light of day but we’re

Close to the new year can’t we be optimistic one more time before 2024 rolls around Jokes Aside this is most likely going to show up on Kanye West and ta doala dollar Ian’s collaborative album vultures well if it ever ends up dropping that is there’s also the change

That fibo forign verse just doesn’t fit into the Final Cut which is another common trade of Yeezy album cycles and rollouts regardless it’s become curious to see how the New York drill exponent became one of the Chicago artists closest musical companions in recent years there’s a certain chemistry when

They link even when the end result isn’t perfect so there’s always potential there fivio for and sent his verse in fans expect appearance on Kanye West’s vultures what’s more is that this new collaboration might replace a recent and controversial one as Vivio for’s current Hot Topic for those unaware he featured on Lil

Teach me how too drill a pretty self-aware song about a Harden drill MC teaching a preppy white counterpart about the genre and lifestyle it’s at least much more palatable than some of mau’s past work which didn’t take this tongue-and-cheek approach that’s cognizant of its troll appeal we’re not saying that’s a good

Thing but you have to know what you are and what you’re up against if you want to be successful meanwhile with Kanye dropping shoes instead of songs these days we’ll see whether this Viv verse ever comes out out where do you think he might fit in on

Vultures let us know your predictions on these topics down in the comments section below

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