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DJ Akademiks’ Girlfriend Reportedly Stole $500K From His House


DJ academics has claimed that his former girlfriend stole $500,000 in cash from his home while putting the woman on blast AK made the claim that he used to have $1 million cash at his house before his former partner reportedly stole half additionally AK claimed that the woman

Would constantly try to Peak his emails in hopes of finding leverage of the DJ and content creator I could have had her locked up for 40 years AK said of the theft however commenters online weren’t especially sympathetic after hearing AK story I’m not saying she was right because I don’t ever condone stealing

But you give off suku energy and I see why she did it face with tears of joy one person trolled you gave her the codes to your safe WTF face with tears of joy face with tears of joy person face palming medium skin tone another added bro still took her back and ain’t

Press charges broken heart broken heart broken heart she up 40 to zero on him noted a third 699 i x claims rapper and DJ academics are lovers however this isn’t the first rumor to emerge about ak’s love life in recent weeks Jade the ex-girlfriend of 69 has claimed that the rapper and AK

Have been fking for a very long time she has further claimed that this was the reason that she broke up with the rapper she also threatened to go after the rapper if he tried to cause trouble don’t make me post this video with me playing with you a

The couple haven’t been an item since mid 2022 when they went through an explosive breakup while 69 has never been confirmed as being queer people appeared to accept it make sense no wonder Santana made him cry Undercovers always get emotional when they get called out faced with tears of joy one

Person noted we all need to be bringing in the New Year’s at somebody’s Church 2023 is deaf for the books unamused face another added however others didn’t think it was an especially big deal so many people are gay I honestly do not care anymore find something else to shock me one person AR

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