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6ix9ine & DJ Akademiks Have Been F cking For A Very Long Time, Rapper’s Ex Claims


Jade the ex-girlfriend of 69 has claimed that the rapper and DJ academics have been fking for a very long time she has further claimed that this was the reason that she broke up with the rapper she also threatened to go after the rapper if he tried to cause trouble don’t make

Me post this video with me playing with you a the couple haven’t been an item since mid 2022 when they went through an explosive breakup while 69 has never been confirmed as being queer people appear to accept it make sense no wonder Santana made him cry Undercovers always

Get emotional when they get called out fac with tears of joy one person noted we all need to be bringing in the New Year’s at somebody’s church 20203 is deaf for the books unamused face another added however others didn’t think it was an especially big deal so many people

Are gay I honestly do not care anymore find something else to to shock me one person argued 699 I girlfriend charged with felony assault meanwhile 699 I’s current girlfriend has been hit with some pretty serious criminal charges y La M spiral was charged with felony assault after a video emerged showing an

Altercation between her and a rapper she was arrested in Palm Beach on Friday according to hipop DX furthermore the charges against her are felony battery aggravated battery with a dead weapon obstruction of justice and criminal damage to property worth $1,000 or more a bond of $9,000 was paid by record producer Santiago alol

Matias fans of both rappers were shocked when 69 posted footage of an altercation between himself and Yin in the video she can be seen hitting 69 with a 2×6 and verbally assaulting the rapper before being restrained by police previously 69 had posted a video of Yin threatening him with a knife

After accusing him of domestic ass

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