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Blueface Trolls Jaidyn Alexis During Her Soundcheck


It’s no secret that blueface finds entertainment in trolling Jaden Alexis the mother of his first two kids he frequently pokes fun at the Barbie MC on social media often times centering his jokes around her career as well as his role as her deao manager as one would expect this can

Lead to some tension between the two High School sweethearts though Jaden usually manages to laugh off his occasionally demeaning comments this has been no exception as the Stewie artist hones her performance skills as evidenced by a new clip in the clip Jaden and her backup dancers are seen rehearsing their choreography ahead

Of one of her shows when the thiana rapper chimes in talk to the mic he urges her so you can practice your voice Jaden more or less tells him to back off insisting that she knows what she’s doing no she says sheepishly letting him know that they’re waiting for others to

Begin Jaden Alexis tells blueface to leave her alone talk into the mic please blueface persisted prompting her to reluctantly Mumble a few words into her microphone laughter ensued but Jaden made it clear that she had it under control and would prefer that he let her do her thing without

Interrupting leave me alone she joked your St asterisk PID a asterisk asterisk embarrassed me so bad while some social media users are accusing blueface of being a menace others are coming to his defense claiming that he was simply doing his best to coach Jaden amid her rise to success blueface has maintained

A similar sentiment throughout the hate he attracts online which typically involves his tumultuous relationships with either Jaden or krisan rot he raises some eyebrows with the way he tends to treat the women in his life but insists that he only wants the best for them I Empower women I respect women he

Tweeted last week what do you think of this latest clip of blueface and Jaden Alexis share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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