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Nicki Minaj Goes No 1 With Pink Friday 2


To absolutely no one’s surprised Nicki Minaj’s new album Pink Friday 2 had a great first week debut on the billboard album charts moreover according to new metrics from chart data the project is set to sell 222k units in this time frame placing it at the number one spot

On the charts she must be very happy with this outcome regardless of whether or not she believes in the power of angel numbers other placements on this week’s album chart are also unsurprising Taylor Swift thce in the top 10 Drake Morgan Wallen siza and so on congrats to

The Trinidad and MC for closing out 20123 with another number one hip-hop LP one of the few we got this year furthermore she is showing no signs of slowing her roll down in the near future in fact Micki Minaj recently teased a long anticipated spectacle for her barbs

One that’s been in the works for a while but she kept things clear and optimistic when relaying that she’s still hard at work on her documentary considering the 41-year-old massively impactful career and her staggering trajectory such a tale should be a compelling look into this success Nicki Minaj cinches third Number One

Release with Pink Friday 2 on the other hand she is also getting ready for her World Tour in 2024 something that the barbs have begged for incessantly for a long long time finally it seems like Nicki Minaj is ready to fully embrace the stage once again fueled by this new found wealth of

Material of course we would expect her to run through her stacked catalog of hits too but to see her in a new era is the most exciting of these prospects if you’re thinking about buying a ticket Act Fast we’d only expect them to get tougher to purchase

From here on out meanwhile what remains to be seen now is whether the let me calm down hitmaker landed a number one song on the charts with a couple of different smashes to choose from it would be pretty interesting to see which one hands on top from all the tracks on

Pink Friday too even if it doesn’t NAB the highest placement let us know your predictions on that end in the comments section down below also stay

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