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6ix9ine Professes Undying Love for Girlfriend Yailin La Más Viral


It looks like 69ine separates work from his personal life because when it comes to his partners and not his rap game peers or Street acquaintances he’s loyal to a fault moreover a new clip emerged of him in the car with his boo Yin La M spiral as he gushed over her unless this

Is a new flame that looks pretty much identical to her then this is the same woman that was arrested on felony charges just a couple of weeks ago for threatening him with a knife assaulting him with a 2×6 and verbally abusing him unless the New York provocator moved on

To a loal light it seems like this is water under the bridge for him Yoo EST to 69 began T po EST no per too and T MRE T Juro Keno Kella Mira esta K Bonita esella no perella no TN K seso YOLO LA and teria too long didn’t

Translate we’ve got you covered on the former gang Affiliates love for his girl 69 professes his love for Yin watch I love this girl of my whole life 69 said I swear that I would give my life for this woman it doesn’t matter what she

Says but I love her with my whole life she’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in my life I swear on my mother that she’s a woman I’ve wanted for my whole life I swear it’s a dream for me to be with her look at this girl she’s

So pretty no but she doesn’t need to be that I love her with my whole life meanwhile the rainbow-haired artist recently was accused of loving someone else with a whole life DJ academics recently blasted the rapper ex Jade for claiming that the two Associates slept together for a while he outright denied

Having relations with his Musical and content partner so we’ll see what other Antics await for them in 2024 for more news and the latest updates on 6

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