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Metro Boomin Addresses Drake Beef Rumors, Denies Deep Feud


To close out 2023 it looks like we finally have somewhat of a resolution to one of the year’s most rumored subliminal and surprising beefs moreover you’ve definitely heard by now that Metro boomman and Drake according to many fans threw shots at each other in recent times this stemmed from the

Former complaining that the latters her loss one in rap album categories and award shows and rankings over Metro heroes and villains then the 69ine gods seemed to respond in a stake stream and more cryptic social media activity had fans crafting theories and connecting presumed dots but according to the St

Louis native people took this way too far furthermore he recently spent some time answering fan questions on Twitter as he’s usually very active on the platform specifically Metro boomman chose to indulge one listener’s inquiry about the supposed Drake beef and put an end to the rumors are you and Drake

Seriously beefing or is it not that deep the user asked him not deep at all LMAO the 30-year-old replied well he said it’s not deep he technically didn’t say it was non-existent so fans will surely keep making assumptions despite this shutdown regardless then Metro spider beatsmith has bigger things on his mind

Right now like officially claiming the most streamed rap album in 2023 Metro boom and clarifies Drake’s situation of course the two have collaborated often in the past in fact Metro booman even has a beat on her loss as such maybe one more collaborative effort will squash this once and for all

Or once the Grammys roll around and they have to congratulate each other or sympathize with each other’s losses to either Travis Scott Killer Mike or Nas only time will tell but we might get an answer soon the buatti boss recently teased new music with Paul Wall so he’ll

Probably have plenty of chances in 2024 to throw Drake on a song or to have him hop on one of his Beats Meanwhile we’re still waiting on his collab album with future which the beat maker said he’ll finish soon with so much potential there we’ll be as patient as

Necessary who knows maybe this is where the what a time to be alive chemistry will quell these beef suppositions with that in mind

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