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LeBron James Criticizes NBA’s Replay System After Controversial Call


LeBron James has put the NBA on blast after a seemingly game tying three-point was ruled as a two-pointer against the Timberwolves trailing 107 to 104 LeBron hit what he thought was a game tying three however the bucket was ruled as a two and the Lakers would go on to lose

108 to 106 after Anthony Edwards drew a game sealing foul what the hell do we got Replay for what do we have Replay for if even the replay gets it wrong it’s just like who is a part of the replay Center like do we got robots in there making

Teslas like what’s going on LeBron lamented discussing the NBA’s replay system furthermore LeBron argued it was an obvious three I mean it’s obvious it’s a three my foot was behind the line you can see the space between the front of my foot and the three-point line you

Can clearly see the wood on the floor the space in between between the front of my foot and the three-point line Stevie Wonder can see that Champ LeBron continued however the floor Chief disputed LeBron’s claims after the game the play was ruled a two-point field goal on the floor during live play after

Video review there wasn’t clear and conclusive evidence to overturn it from a two to a three and that’s why it stood as a two-point field goal Tony Brothers said boozy badass blasts NBA refs however LeBron isn’t the only person who has been frustrated with the officiating this season boozy badass vented his

Frustration earlier this year about the high number of technical fouls being called in the NBA this season the NBA needs to do something about these technical fouls for dunking and staring after the dunk smhl taking away from the game and the competitiveness of the athletes it’s out of control at this

Point players and fans deserve better the rapper tweeted the post came just a few few days after boozy became heated at the refs during a Hawks game he was in attendance for boozy filmed himself yelling at the refs from the stands and later went live to further vent his

Frustrations I got to make this announcement we got cheated by the referees tonight I’m so disappointed by the refs tonight only person that called a good game was the tall guy with the bald head referees called a bad game boozie lamented addition Ally the game in question was a 117 to 109 Atlanta

Loss to my

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