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6ix9ine Sells Assets Like Car & Mansion To Cover $10 Million Judgement In Assault Case


When 69 failed to show up in court for an assault lawsuit he didn’t consider that a default judgment would end up ridding him of his valuables however that’s exactly what court documents reportedly obtained by TMZ indicate as the court appointed a receiver to handle his assets these include a Rolls-Royce a

Mansion in Florida and many other pricey items that might be sold off or auctioned to pay for the 9.825 Judgment by any means necessary in fact it seems like this is a pretty Limitless proposition as the docks claim that the receiver can break any locks necessary to gain access to

Any real property for those unaware the rapper who said he will drop a new album soon received this lawsuit over 2 years ago he accidentally hit Alexis salarios a dancer for Gold Rush Cabaret in Miami in the head with a champagne bottle that he threw at a person who called him a

Rat after going to the ER and getting stitches she filed legal action against against him and won the Judgment back in July since 69ine never paid for it now salarios has clearance to seize these assets despite his legal team initially dismissing this suit 69 at Miami bash

2021 meanwhile the New York native is also dealing with some other legal trouble right now but it’s got less to do with him than it does with his partner Yaya l m spiral recently faced an arrest and felony assault charges after threatening him with a knife and hitting him with a

2×4 the two have had nothing if not a turbulent and chaotic relationship in the public eye so this is a little less surprising than most still considering past issues that the couple went through it’s a tad disheartening to see Yen fall into tropes that 69 is the most

Notorious for out of the two regardless do you think that this is going to hurt his pockets deeply as he lingers in the Dominican Republic is this the beginning of the end however you may feel let us know in the comments section down below for more news and the latest updates on 6

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