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Takeoff Death Jokes Anger Quavo And Offset Amid Latter’s Cardi B Drama


Cardi B and offset have spent the past few years building a beautiful family together unfortunately for them even their two children aren’t enough to keep the couple from fighting on the internet this past week the New York native was clearly in her feelings as the former Migo was bombarded with cheating

Allegations even those who are speculating that the whole situation is a publicity stunt as we’ve seen from cardi and her man in the past were convinced that something more serious is going on after hearing the anguish and pain in the FC’s voice I’ve been sparing you B asterisk asterisk CH asterisk

Asterisk n i asterisk asterisk a y be asterisk asterisk cha asterisk asterisk album is s asterisk asterisk T she publicly ranted to offset F asterisk asterisk King doing me dirty after so many years that I helped your mother asterisk asterisk King a asterisk asterisk not even AF asterisk asterisk King thank you

As per usual some internet users decided to take the low road they’ve been making untasteful jokes about the father of five’s late partner in Ryme takeoff this left a bad taste in both quo and offset’s mouths and they weren’t afraid to call out weirdos online stirring the pot quo defense take off

Nephew ain’t with the soap opera the former wrote long love rocket rocket folded hands medium dark skin tone pray for y’all though infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity infinity dot for his part the set at off artist sent out a similar tweet fan

Wishing death on takeoff is wild y’ L asterisk asterisk es better chill he threatened offset calls out fans taking things too far do you think that cardi B and offet are drumming up a scandal for attention and to distract from Nicki Minaj’s new LP or is the heading down

The road toward divorce again after the rap Diva Unleashed her anger toward her husband on Instagram live let us know your thoughts in the comments and check back later for more hip hop slop culture news updates

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