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Wack 100 Furious With Offset After Involving Him In Cardi B Relationship Drama, Threatens To Expose


Offset and cardi B’s breakup rumors have been all the craze over the past several days after some unfollowing on social media and emotional Instagram lives the couple seems to be split maybe for good throughout all of these storylines we have also come to learn that they have

Been on and off together for a minute whether those reports are true or not remains to be seen just like some new theories that are circling offset and cardi wack 100 has been entangled in a lot of beef and it seems he and the MOs member are on bad terms right now the

Controversial figure chatted with Adam 22 on their show together recently about the high-profile couple not following each other on IG wack felt that things were not over just because of that additionally he was against getting into any real detail of what he knows especially with his ties to both of them

Wack 100 has another beef however things have turned sour for whack and offset he called out the Georgia rapper for tying him up in the relationship in an IG story post you can see what he said above but the overall message is that wack has some dirt on

Him that he would let loose wack also has a history of supporting cardi so offset could be in some trouble additionally according to Chi sm’s YouTube video he has heard speculation that he and cardi are feuding publicly to draw attention away from Nicki Minaj’s album All In All these two are

Causing quite a stir online and wack 100 is just another name adding chaos to everything what are your initial thoughts on this new beef between wack 100 and offset why do you think wack is so upset at the rapper after all seemed good do you agree with the possible

Theory around this supposed breakup with cardi B we would like to hear what you have to say about all of this with that in mind be sure to leave all of your hottest takes in the comments section below

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