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6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Yailin’s Mugshot Surfaces


After being arrested in the Dominican Republic earlier this year 69 is spending several months overseas serving out his punishment though he’s not currently behind bars as the holiday season approaches he’s unfortunately stressing over a confrontation with his girlfriend Yin La M spiral who accused him of domestic abuse and a scathing

Rant with receipts earlier this week the goba rapper is denying her allegations and has since uploaded a video of Yin threatening him at knife Point attempting to prove that she might not be as innocent as she wants the public to believe yen is not well she needs help 69 said in his initial

Response Yen was loved she was cared for I’m on probation I would never lay my hands on a woman I’m not here to create gossip I’m here to clear my name and ask that this matter be dealt with responsibly in the chilling Clips below the New Yorker and his partner argue in

Another language throughout the first one she lashes out at him when he says heun’s a man of his word if I’m not a man of my word why are you with me he asks Yin Yan Lama spiral scare 69 with a weapon in the caption 69 wrote go blame

The rat soundest of at alol at P1 SAS is rata a trash what Yen needed was love and protection he continued instead of using her for your podcast and your way of sound man you had to analyze that Yin is a person who is going through

Postpartum she’s not to be used for your YouTube channel my job for 8 months was to always protect my partner but with this dirty campaign you want it to be bad Dominican singers mugshot lands online according to the mug shot above the Dominican multi-talent was booked at

3:00 a.m. on Friday December 15th on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon who side are you taking in the couple’s explosive Feud 699 I or Yin La MOS viral let us know in the comments and check back

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