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Doja Cat Speaks On Sam Hyde Drama & Relationship With Her Fans


DOA cat recently sat down with Ebro Darden on Apple music which you can watch here and they had a whole lot of topics to talk about she released her album Scarlet earlier this year has had a lot of other success and evolutionary moments in her career and also faced

Satanist accusations that she called tacky however one of the most interesting parts of this conversation have to do with the paint the town red hitmakers more scandalous controversies as of late one of these stems from her use of a shirt featuring Sam Hyde a controversial comedian who is Infamous

For his political views and social leanings the other relates to doa’s relationship with her fans who she refuses to tell that she loves them because they don’t really know each other furthermore let’s start on that first point she claimed ignorance when it comes to Hy’s controversies and said

That she never intended to cosign promote or acknowledge any line of thought in particular especially ideologies that are more destructive however DOA cat also believes that people took this too far and that her Fame numbed her to negative opinion it didn’t affect the world in a way where

We have to look behind our backs she told Ebro DOA cat addresses Sam Hyde controversy watch on the other hand we have her connection to her fan base which has gotten a lot better in recent weeks still many fans think that the Los Angeles native is not as appreciative

Thankful or considerate when it comes to her hards as she should be regardless of the responses to her comments she maintained in this new interview that she never presents any negativity just an acknowledgement of reality one thing that I do want to set straight is that you’ll never see a

Direct quote of me saying I hate my fans DOA cat shared not once but it’s a really big misquoted thing where everybody is saying she hates her fans meanwhile the 28-year-old recently praised Nicki Minaj so fans hope that a collab is on the way with this and these

New interview comments in mind it’s heartening to see her move past a lot of what’s dogged her this year hopefully that upward Trend continues for more news and the latest updates on doic

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