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Nicki Minaj Thirst Trap Won’t Distract Barbz Begging For New Body Clearance


Even a week after its arrival Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2o still has the internet talking following the initial projects debut on December 8th she came through with a handful of other songs including a 50 Cent Remix and collaborations with Monica and kesa Cole as she continues to head toward a number

One debut it seems Minaj is taking great pleasure in denying Kanye West a similar feat with his vultur LP the Chicago native was hoping to share his and tiala signs joint project today December 15th but they’re unfortunately running into some issues with sample clearance first ye teased a track featuring a classic

Interpolation from the Backstreet Boys the internet was surprised by how much they loved the preview but now it’s causing a holdup as the 46-year-old failed to ask the group’s permission elsewhere he and tid doala are finally ready to unleash the long- awaited new body which also features Minaj however much to their

Disappointment she has no intention of giving West permission to use her iconic verse instead she’s attempting to distract her fan base with a new thirst trap video that doesn’t seem to be doing the trick Nicki Minaj won’t clear new body but she’s still showing off her curves one person pleaded with the queen

Of rap Nikki clear the verse it’s literally one of your best everyone begging for new body y’all should have begged Kanye 3 years ago when Nikki herself was asking him to release it one loyal fan came to Minaj’s defense in her comments Kanye made Nikki shoot the

Whole music video just a scrap and leak it now yall making it look like Nikki is being disrespectful the math ain’t matting besides everything currently unfolding with Kanye West Nicki Minaj is also in the middle of a social media spat with cardi B though neither woman

Is taking direct shots at the other we are seeing plenty of shady Twitter fingers liking posts comparing board’s treatment of weap to Pink Friday 2 read more about that at the link below and check back later for more hip hop slop culture news update

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