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Kanye West Flexes His New Yeezy Pods As They Officially Hit The Market


Kanye West is in a bit of a bad spot and it is all his fault over the last year he has done irreparable harm to his legacy however earlier this week he attempted to apologize unfortunately the apology did not come across a sincere this is especially true when you consider how

The whole thing reads like something from chat GPT moreover he is gearing up to drop his new album vultures although no one knows for sure if it is ever going to come out in the midst of all of this Y is also doing a roll out for his newest

Shoe the Yeezy pods interestingly enough he already did a pre-sale for this shoe a few weeks ago however today the shoe was officially released to the public over at now people can purchase the sneaker for $200 the shoe comes in three sizes although there is a size chart on the

Website for anyone who may be confused additionally y modeled the shoe on his in Instagram account making this one of just three posts on his page Kanye West and his new kicks for those curious the shoe is incredibly minimalistic in fact it looks like some sort of sock boot there is nothing about

This shoe that will make you think of his previous Yeezys however that seems to be the point overall this is a brand new era for ye and he wants to Showcase that whether or not it works out for him Still Remains to be seen of course there are still a lot of fans

Who support Y and many of those fans are the same ones who were buying Yeezys during the peak days of the Adidas collabs that said whether or not these shoes catch on is another story more details let us know if you like these in the comments section below additionally

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