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Diddy Faces Backlash on Social Media Despite Celebrating Son Justin’s Birthday


Diddy posted from his son Justin’s birthday adding the caption you know what day it is to his post on social media of course the post received plenty of clowning and backlash thanks to Diddy’s ongoing legal woes however random commenters online weren’t the only people coming for Diddy

When you desperately thought that no one in the world was listening because they ran the most expensive PR campaign to silence you set you up terrorize you and you predicted they’d attempt to block you your lungs from breathing while you were in that forced Deep Sleep God says

Be Still son they will finally hear you when I instruct their ears to listen and they begin to bleed from the truth you’ve spoken all along bcac 2012 to 2023 before coma after coma elb Shore wrote on Instagram this has widely been taken as a shot at Diddy given Al’s link to the

Late Kim Porter what do you think Al is referring to let us know in the comments TD Jakes dismisses Diddy rumors meanwhile another figure has recently distanced thems from Diddy American Pastor TD Jakes has vehemently dismissed rumors that he has any connection to Diddy I will not use

This sacred day and this sacred Pulpit to address a lie when I have the chance to preach the truth Jake said at the start of his Christmas Eve sermon this comes after Jake’s team vehemently denied the reports recent circulating on pockets of social media about Bishop TD Jakes are unequivocally false and

Baseless what has always been true in the words of the late Pastor Charles H Spurgeon if you want the truth to go around the world you must hire an Express train to pull it but if you want a lie to go around the world it will fly

It is as light as a feather and a breath will carry it the executive of public relations for Jake Church Network said earlier in

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