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Cardi B & Offset To Perform At Same Venue On New Year’s Eve


Cardi B and offset will both perform at the fountain blue Hotel in Miami in celebration of New Year’s Eve despite their recent breakup page six reports that the two agreed to the appearance while they were still an item cardi will take over the Lux pool with tickets ranging from $5,000 up to

$25,000 while offset will appear at livv nightclub where tickets cost $125 and $155,000 while they will perform at different spots within the building it’s sure to be an awkward Affair considering the shots cardi has been sending at offset since they split cardi B and offset attend MTV Video Music Awards

Cardi vented about offset during an Instagram live post after threatening to F asteris kin take it there on Twitter I really really don’t like doing the internet sh asterisk T but the sad sh asterisk T is stop calling me she said KZ youf asterisk King talked to a an

Asterisk asterisk asteris gay and a motherf asterisk CA will play in your F asterisk King face over and over and over again and still be like watch what I’m about to do watch what I’m about to say and it’s so F asterisk King said that a an asterisk asterisk asterisk I

Like to play games with me when I’m at my most vulnerable time when I’m not the most confident they like to play games with me because he knows I’m not an easy girl yesterday I could have been out I could have been chilling I could have

Been this and that cardi B’s New Year’s plans cardi B and offset spent six years together following their 2017 engagement and share two children outside of their relationship cardi recently confirmed that she’s planning to release new music in 2024 perhaps she’ll tease some of what’s

In store on New Year’s Eve be on the lookout for further updates on cardi B and offset

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