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Blueface’s Mom Cheers for Potential Romance with Megan Thee Stallion Amidst Instagram Signals


Blueface and the women in his life are nearly always at odds but as we approach 2024 it seems the California Native might be looking to change his ways after a particularly tumultuous year welcoming his first child with krisan Rock and getting engaged to his first baby mama Jaden Alexis blue might be

Preparing to spin the block with another rap Diva during an interview with Jason Lee and his fiance a few months back the thiana artist alleged that he might have got some head from and the stallion much earlier on in their careers causing a stir online for her part the hot girl

Coach failed to address the rumors however blueface mom Carisa saffold is confident that her son would make a great partner for Meg she previously alleged that the Houston native wanted to Peg Jonathan Porter but now she’s celebrating the fact that the mil music founder is following the stallion on

Instagram I’m watching this s asterisk asterisk t play out saffold wrote online earlier this weekend like out don’t know the outcome winking face with tongue dot blueface mom is still rooting for him and Megan the stallion on another slide the Porter Family matriarch reposted one of the FC’s recent feed posts in which

She channels Regina George with a blonde wig you better treat this queen like the queen she is or don’t even try it seel told her son you need to be ready in mind and your spirit red heart y’all have my blessings not only is blueface mom

Keeping a close eye on who her son follows on Instagram but she’s also been peeping his recent story Antics amid his search for a new woman to replace the void left by krisan Rock and Jaden Alexis turning on him the 26-year-old shared his mating call with followers which Carisa saffold says

Reminds her of a look she once saw in Blue’s dad’s eye read more about that at the link below

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