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Fabolous Addresses Stepdaughter's Accusations in New 'Selfish Freestyle


Back in October of last year fabulous shared a heartfelt Post in honor of his daughter Journey’s birthday but his stepdaughter tyena Williams wasn’t buying it I named you Journey because that’s really what it’s been he wrote might not know when you going through it but you’ll get it at the end I don’t

Believe you can have faith unless you trust the journey you have taught me that so I look at you with understanding and love your life assures it will all add up 10 10 2020 happy birthday Journey Jackson Williams took to his comment section to call him out accusing the hitmaker of being an

Absent father this post is hilarious she commented alongside laughing emojis might not know when you going through it but you’ll get it at the end is translation 4 equals I haven’t taken care of my daughter in almost a year and don’t even ask about her well-being

Because I DC and EMB bitter and I’m only a father to my two beautiful sons who I can manipulate stop playing with the internet fabulous unleashes selfish freestyle now he seemingly responded to her comments in his new selfish freestyle in the track which he Unleashed earlier this week he appears

To claim that he’s been there for Williams and her mother since she was a child selfishness will make someone comment under your pick slash when he took care of you and your mama since you were 6/ who selfish he spits Williams has yet to respond publicly to the apparent jab commenters

Are debating in his comments section whether the apparent disc was warranted or if he crossed the line what do you think of fabulous seemingly Throwing Shade at his step-daughter tyena Williams in his new freestyle how do you like the track so far what about her previously accusing him of being an

Absent father share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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