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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Emerges Free with Plans for a Tell All as Authorities Thwart Taylor Swift Meeti


Earlier this week Gypsy Rose Blanchard was finally released from prison after serving nearly eight years for her role in her mother’s murder now 32 years old Gypsy Rose has already made a splash in the short time she’s been free celebrating with a fun Instagram selfie on Friday the public has rallied around

Gypsy Rose amid her release which has re-sparked plenty of debate surrounding her 2016 conviction she plans to use her Newfound freedom to share the lessons she’s learned in a six our tell all the prison confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard premieres in January of 2024 on Lifetime aside from detailing her

Experiences as a victim of munchin syndrome by proxy the Louisiana native also had hopes of meeting one of her favorite artists Taylor Swift she and her husband reportedly planned to attend today’s Kansas City Chiefs game where they thought her wish could be granted Gypsy Rose thanks fans unfortunately however Missouri

Authorities recently ordered her to get out of the area as they believe her presence poses of security risk according to TMZ Gypsy Rose is disappointed but just grateful to be free she also reportedly understands authori decision as she’s gotten a ton of attention since her release she even recently visited Burger King taking

Photos with fans that have since gone viral public support for Gypsy Rose has translated to her social media presence as well her various Pages have seen a notable uptick in followers in recent days her Instagram following for example currently sits at a whopping 4.8 million she has an additional 1.4 million fans

On Tik Tok and recently announced that she’s made a Snapchat Gypsy Rose promotes her Tik Tok what do you think of authorities putting the kaios on Gypsy roses Swifty dreams do you hope she gets to meet the pop icon someday what about her approaching 5 million Instagram followers share your thoughts in the

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    no she needs to stay away

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