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Taylor Swift Gets Sweet Gift From Kansas City Chiefs Owners, Hands Out Cash To Workers At Chiefs Gam


Taylor Swift is easily one of the biggest artists in the entire world overall she is probably the biggest when you really think about it regardless she is someone that the fans love to hear from and they hear from her very often furthermore she has been making a ton of

Waves thanks to her relationship with none other than Travis Kelsey we have been hearing a lot from these two as of late and that is not going to stop anytime soon in fact Swift was at Gillette Stadium this week weekend where she watched Kelsey take on the

Patriots in a Twitter post which can be found below Swift was seen paying it forward to some of the employees at the game as you can see she was giving out $100 bills to the food staff many times these are employees who are underappreciated consequently it was

Very good to see Swift giving them some cash for the holidays these days can be tough for some families and even $100 can go a very long Long Way moreover Swift also got a massive gift from the family of Clark hunt who owns the Chiefs his daughter Gracie in particular posed with

Taylor who had the gift box in her hand Taylor Swift gives and receives happy birthday to this queen hunt wrote bright beautiful beyond talented and engaging easiest decision Time Magazine ever made for Person of the Year hope at your best and most blessed year yet as for what the gift

Was it was a Judith Liber Min adier Swarovski microphone purse according to billboard this is a gift that costs upwards of $5,000 that is a lot of money but considering the kind of publicity Swift has given the Chiefs one could say this is definitely worth it no matter the

Case the Chiefs are one classy Organization for this let us know your thoughts on the gift in the comments below

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