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Playboi Carti Names Offset In New Snippet And Confuses Fans


Playboy cardi is set to drop a new album next month overall fans are excited for this album to finally make its way to streaming however no one really knows what the release date is going to be all we know is that DJ academics has this pegged for January cardi could decide to

Change his mind or the album could even be scrapped should there be some sort of mass leak either way this is going to be very interesting to watch play out his fans have waited a long time and fans just want consistency last night cardi actually released a new song this new track is

Called 2024 and there is a real belief that it was one of his best songs despite being out for less than 24 hours at the end of the day there is a real appetite for deep voice cardi and that’s what he is serving up on his opium Fina cardi actually previewed another snippet

In the video below he can be seen with Ken Carson as well as destroy lonely they are vibing out and seem to be having a great time together Playboy cardi with his opium artists the track appears to have a great energy to it as cardi shows off more of his deep

Voice however fans did notice that he mentions rapper offset at one point in the song interestingly enough fans don’t really know if he meant it in a good way or a bad way no matter what offset seems to approve as he reposted the clip on IG at this point it seems like everyone

In the industry just wants cardi to drop we have to agree with the sentiment as his new stuff sounds really sharp and extremely fresh let us know your thoughts on card’s new sound in the comments section below additionally stay tuned to hnhh for more news and at

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