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Kai Cenat Unveils New Chain For His Birthday


Kaiset has unveiled an iced out new chain to celebrate his 22nd birthday the diamond chain also includes a large pendant shaped like a four-leaf clover the Chain’s courtesy of elanti and CET appeared Blown Away by the design however not everyone online was a fan can you tell me why they had to put

All them lights on it and it still wasn’t shining faced with tears of joy one person commented bro it’s just a chain that you can’t take with you when you die and gas in the background like they never saw jewelry before face with tears

Of joy face with tears of joy face with tears of joy face with tears of joy added another person regardless of the online hate senet seemed pretty happy with his gift and appeared to have an enjoyable birthday overall Nicki Minaj brings out kaiit elsewhere Nicki Minaj brought out

Sinet as well as amp member phom at her recent concert the move came a few days after Minaj joined senet for a wildlife live stream on his channel Minaj was loving the chaotic Vibes and wealth of attention at one point Minaj sent chat Wild by furiously twerking at the camera

Minaj is coming off the success of her new album Pink Friday 2 the project her first in 5 years is expected to shoot to the top of the billboard album chart this week however things got a little weird after Minaj left one of the streamer’s friends took a moment to

Smell the chair that Minaj had been sitting on while CET and his crew found it hilarious most commenters online thought it was weird and childish Eng gas is weird I swear they’ve been doing this since middle school one person summarized on Instagram furthermore the pair brokes in its single stream viewership record

According to stream charts the stream peaked at 348,000 viewers Sonet typically averages around 34k for a regular stream his previous record was just over 306,000 viewers did you catch the stream what did you think who do you want to see senet stream with next let us know in the comments below

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