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Chaka Khan Speaks On Retiremen


Shaka KH recently gave Rolling Stone a lengthy and Illuminating interview centered around her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame moreover she obviously has an indelible Legacy in music art and culture and a lot to reflect on as her trajectory continues forward in life the funk Legend still

Performs and is active in the music space although she definitely considers an exit every now and then however when asked whether she’d everever retire in this new conversation she gave a surprisingly Shady answer that might Target other singers in her immediate genre or era Circle either that or it’s

A comical jab at current artists fake retiring these days instead of older acts stretching out their relevance well I might do that three or four times like other be asterisk asterisk asterisk keys do Shaka Kan responded to the question of whether she’ll ever fully give up performing she explained that she

Doesn’t want to tour anymore but will keep doing show gos as she wants to shift gears to spending time with her grandchildren and other personal matters still the Chicago native didn’t have to blast other artists to relay this info previously she had dissed Mariah KY Adele and Mary J blig for

Their talents Shaka Khan’s Shady thoughts on retirement recently I talked about a list of the greatest singers of all time Shaka Khan expressed in her apology for these remarks on Instagram instead of questioning the need for such a list I was pitted against other artists and I

Took the bait as artists we are unfairly put into boxes categories or on lists being an artist or musician is not a competition it’s a gift for which I am truly grateful it was not my intention to cause pain or upset anyone to anyone that felt this way I sincerely

Apologize meanwhile another apology of sorts came when the 70-year-old spoke of her bond with fellow Chicago artist Kanye West she took issue with this sample of her song On Through the Wire but during this interview she called it a silly Grudge we’ll see what other hot takes and perspectives Shaka Kan comes

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