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Eminem Gets Response From Real Housewive Stars Over Copyright Deposition Request


M&M’s had his fair share of legal battles over the years but his latest might be one of his most bizarre yet moreover he sought to block a trademark application from Real Housewives guests gelle Bryant and Robin Dixon for their podcast reasonably shady as it conflicts with his Slim Shady Alter

Ego however it seems like Marshall mats wants only his legal team to handle this as when the Real Housewives of Potomic Stars filed to deposition him he motioned for a protective order against it this is because he apparently has little information about this legal process and its context to which Bryant

And Dixon responded to Via their lawyer Andrea Evans it seems obvious to us that if you file a lawsuit you should be made available to be deposed she told people of Eminem’s legal filing we would like to question matters at least about his use of the Expressions Slim Shady and

Shady it’s unclear to us that matters can be the owner of the trademarks and file this suit against our clients but he will not make himself available to be deposed Eminem performing at Super Bowl 56 Super Bowl 56 Los Angeles Rams B Cincinnati Bengals Englewood California February 13th Eminem performs in the

Pepsi halftime show during the NFL Super Bowl 56 football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams at Sofi Stadium on February 13th 2022 in Englewood California photo by Cooper Neil / Getty Images opposer motion to compel the deposition of matters is also premature and unwarranted Eminem’s lawyer Express

Despite opposer expression that the deposition would be both duplicative and unduly burdensome given Ma’s limited knowledge of the subjects at issue his absence of unique knowledge of the subject said issue and other Superior knowledge of said issues applicants have made no attempt to obtain the discovery

They seek VI a more convenient and less burdensome means opposer has offered to produce three other individuals having equal and Superior knowledge to matters on the relevant topics he went on however without making any attempt to assess whether they will be able to obtain the relevant information from

Said individuals and having taken no depositions to date applicants remain insistent on deposing matters a high level and removed decision maker accordingly applicants motion to compel should be denied opposer asks this board to issue a protective order precluding the deposition of Marshall mothers III for more news and the latest up

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