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Chance The Rapper Advocates for Fair Treatment of Black Women in Entertainment Industry


It’s no secret that the entertainment industry has treated black women unfairly for ages and Chance the Rapper is using his platform to call attention to the issue in a new clip the Chicago born performer notes how black women have been speaking up a lot about inequality lately and slams commenters

Who don’t have room to criticize he explains that while internet users may be quick to blame the victims in this situation they themselves have likely never gone through what they have they’ll write some stuff and they’ve never never had to negotiate a contract never had to

Hire a lawyer he explained and if they did it’s like you not in the color purple like you’re not doing nothing his commentary follows Gail King’s recent interview with Taraji P Henson in which the actress tearfully reflected on being underpaid throughout her decades long career Chance the Rapper backs black

Women Chance the Rapper isn’t the only fellow member of the industry to back Hensen up however earlier this month Kiki Palmer took to Instagram to weigh in on her comments noting how stories similar to Henson have become all too familiar the entertainment industry is just like any other industry we run

Businesses to keep Our Brands afloat us being the brand SL business she explained and it’s that team of company members that decrease any assumed large lump sum this includes monthly expenses just like everyone else in the words of Biggie More Money More Problems having one job for anyone is

Not really an option no matter what industry unless you are like the top top top top earner she continued and I mean that’s like Bill Gates and them I suppose it because I can’t relate haha I am not complaining or comparing but I acknowledge that we all have similar

Struggles in our Industries and it’s because corporations run everything and they aren’t people what do you think of Chance the Rapper weighing in on black women being underpaid in the entertainment industry share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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