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Kid Capri Triumphs Over Year Long Cancer Battle, Announces Clean Bill of Health


A celebration is certainly in order for Kid Capri who just announced that after a year-long battle with cancer he’s been given a clean bill of health while the DJ overcoming his health problems is impressive in its own right he also took part in the festivities surrounding

Hipop 50 this year refusing to let his diagnosis hold him back he took to Instagram to share the news yesterday also explaining why he previously decided to keep his battle Under Wraps the NYC native posted a photo of him himself in a doctor’s office alongside a

Powerful caption God is great 3 days ago I found out that I’m cancer-free been dealing with it all year while I was doing everything I was doing for hip hop 50 he revealed I had two surgeries and never said anything publicly about what I was going through I’m not an attention

[ __ ] so I didn’t want to say anything so that it didn’t look like I wanted pity Kid Capri didn’t want to look like he wanted pity but now now that it’s over I figure I let my fans and friends know I’m very happy this year I did a

Lot but come 2024 I’m getting even crazier than I did in 2023 thank you God # kit Capri #p party King # there all love # happen year # happppy holidays kit Capri concluded as expected countless fans and peers are showing their support in the artists comment section God bless you we

Love you Capri praying hands emoji Fat Joe wrote you have so much more of God’s work to do my brro blessings to you and your beautiful family 202 more fire Emoji douge fresh added what do you think of Kid Capri revealing that he was battling cancer throughout the year what

About the DJ announcing that he’s officially cancer-free share your thoughts in the comments section down below

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