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DJ Akademiks Wraps Up 2023 with Metro Boomin Feud Amidst Ongoing Controversies


With just one like on Twitter Metro boomman inspired DJ academic S as he went off on a violent rant against him on Twitter and while live streaming moreover the tweet in question references the latter’s girlfriend’s alleged actions against him and highlights that he still never left DJ academic’s girlfriend smashed an egg on

His face cut his Wi-Fi in the middle of a live stream slammed a door on his mom’s hand cheated on him had a friend set up a home invasion and stole $500,000 from eight safes in his home it reads he stayed with her true loyalty 10

Toes when AK caught wind of this he didn’t hold back on Twitter at metroboomin UAB asterisk asterisk asterisk ha asterisk asterisk and asterisk asterisk asterisk a DJ academics wrote on Saturday evening December 30th don’t like s asterisk asterisk t b me you H asterisk E A asterisk asterisk

N asterisk asterisk asterisk a every time I violated you you basically ran and tuck your tail at Metro boom in your be asterisk asterisk asterisk ha asterisk asterisk ain’t respond to Drake you a known ho go morning in peace us asterisk asterisk thead at Metro boom and You Sucka and asterisk asterisk

Asteris G tweet a deleter a true pure 100% fish kale p asterisk asterisk asterisk y sensis a beat maker who throw stones and hide you our hand keep mning you be asterisk asterisk asterisk ha asterisk asterisk and asterisk asterisk asterisk a and keep my f asterisk asterisk asterisk ining name out of you

Likes and mentions DJ academics Twitter tiate against Metro boomman at metroman remember you the same be asterisk asterisk asterisk ha asterisk asterisk n asterisk asterisk asteris who made no jump or pull a interview with you because your sensitive a asterisk asterisk didn’t change your tampon that damn day DJ academics continued your a

Asterisk asterisk should be in the studio making beats and stay TF off Twitter instagramy while on stream the former everday struggle host also went hard at Metro boomman and many folks are reacting to it wildly online some particularly called out a case references to mourning a vile and disrespectful reference to the producers

Mothers passing a year and a half ago AK goes off on Metro while streaming watch meanwhile the media personality is dealing with accusations of sexual assault and grooming minors at the moment while they remain allegations as of writing this article 2024 might see this develop in much nastier ways it

Seems like AK really closed out 2023 with a lot of conflict which is disheartening to witness for more news and the latest updates on DJ academics and Metro

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