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Chrisean Rock Addresses Romantic Rumors Amidst Drama with Blueface


For most of her time in the spotlight krisan Rock has been romantically linked to blueface whether the couple was happy during that time is a different story since the birth of their son Junior their lives look more separate than ever before unfortunately that hasn’t made things less chaotic for the controversial

AES they had a nasty blowout with their infant present that was documented on Instagram live for the world to see ahead of Christmas but as we move towards the weekend Rock looks to be enjoying time with her friends and some potential new suitors despite long declaring that she’s a woman who prefers

To be with men the 23-year-old found herself fighting off female attention during a recent stream I don’t eat pu asterisk asterisk y Rock tells the camera in the first video below these be asterisk asterisk cheese want to come home what they want to come home for I

Got no D asterisk asterisk k for them she continues between allowing others in her Entourage to introduce themselves elv to the camera krisan Rock says she has no de asteris gastrus K to give this is my girlfriend y’ y’all know what the f asterisk asterisk K going on one

Redhead told Rock’s followers excitedly Monae is wild the new mother shut down her claims I don’t got no penis for you you want punani but I don’t got that for you either I don’t F asterisk asterisk K with be asterisk asterisk cheese pran continued putting her arm around the

Woman thirsting after her girl stop lying Monae clapped back UF asterisk asterisk K with NI asterisk asterisk as but you got to be the right B asterisk asterisk CH I might be the right one baby you never know when she’s not showing off those pursuing her on IG live krisan

Rock continues to chime in on what’s happening with her baby daddy blue face after the thiana rapper br about buying a new home for Jaden Alexis his CR asterisk zy and love co-star claimed that the m music s is footing the bill herself

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  1. @darealgmoney1916 says

    she said on jason lee show she cheats her new song stated she run through ninjas . Her broke box stinks. the youtubers always smell her chair when she leaves and it always stinks. She is foul we all seen how she dont wipe herself correctly. This must be the top 5 foul new femal wanna be artist in the world and she is proud and has many supporters im beyond disgusted. Turns my stomach.

  2. @auzy2u845 says


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