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Kevin Hart Wishes Ex Wife Torrei Success on Tour with Katt Williams


Kevin Hart says he’s rooting for everybody after his ex-wife T announced she’d be joining Cat Williams on tour speaking with TMZ for a brief interview Hart wished the two well the tour announcement comes after Williams made scathing remarks about Hart during an interview with Shannon sharp on the club sh Shay

Podcast My Success is my success I want everybody to win I love everybody heart told TMZ I want everybody to win I hope the tour is great T had announced the collaboration on Instagram while sharing a picture of herself with Williams she wrote Charlotte # Orlando # Tampa come see me

Live with my good friend Cat Williams on the Dark Matters tour and teased an announcement of more dates soon Kevin Hart attends premiere of lift speaking with sharp Williams accused Hart of being an industry plant in 15 years in Hollywood no one in Hollywood has a

Memory of going to a sold up Kevin heart show there being a line for him ever getting a standing ovation at any Comedy Club Williams said later he added for a 5-year period every single movie that Kevin Hart did was a movie that had been

On my desk that all I had said was just can we take some of this step and fetch at sh asteris tea out and then I can do it Hart initially responded to the comments on Twitter while promoting his new movie lift got to get that anger

About chaamp it’s honestly sad he began before sharing the trailer for his film there is a moment in the trailer where at begum bathro says they really love you I now know she’s talking about cat he added Kevin Hart reacts to torii’s comments Hart isn’t the only comedian

Williams targeted in the viral interview he also called out Tiffany hadish Steve Harvey and more be on the lookout for further updates on Kevin Hart and Cat William

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