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Kai Cenat Aims for Role in Power After Meeting 50 Cent


Kaiset has expressed a desire to appear power while outlining a recent meeting with 50y Cent then 50 pulled back up looking directly at me he told his viewers this Enga literally puts his hand on my shoulder yo bra take a picture with my little man’s real quick

He fck with you s claimed of the interaction at a recent Nick Bucks game I wasn’t in the moment of time of thinking that you were right there in front of me but I should have asked you would you let me on power 50 so I need

Everybody to get this video to 50 Sate added senet has been making a name for himself throughout the year as his star has shown brighter and brighter this included getting a Christmas present for my spice the present in question was one of spice’s branded Chia Pets while Sonet

Was very excited to receive a gift from Spice he was slightly confused by the gift after closely inspecting the gift senet declared that it didn’t look too much like spice at all regardless he was very happy to have received something from the high-profile rapper J kiss shows love to 50 Cent meanwhile jiss

Recently showed love to 50 Cent after showing nothing but love to kiss mother and Aunt at a recent appearance Mama love and ay popped up on at 50 Cent and he showed them nothing but love kiss wrote on Instagram the kind words come after kiss urged fans to choose fif over other

Touring acts earlier in the year for the music that we do to see end gas up in that kind of caliber from our cloth of music to have that kind of production and see my end gas up there that sht is incredible I encourage and gas to see

This Beyonce you better catch that final lap tour Drake and 21 the final lap Beyonce Taylor Swift catch it who else I say for hardcore hip-hop lovers and you could only cop one ticket kiss set a Fifth’s final lap tour in September

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